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Foreign Recovery, Clutch Sizes and Hatching Imminent

Since my last post, the kestrels have been diligently incubating eggs, fighting off unruly starlings and tolerating my occasional intrusions into their homes. It must be disconcerting when a large, foreign object (usually a coconut water can on a pole) blocks your front doorway. But they continue tending their clutches with biological determination. Unfortunately, a couple of pairs have abandoned boxes due to the intense competition with starlings in this area. I will probably move a couple of the boxes next year to areas where these pesky, non-native birds are less abundant. 
I finalized my inventory of all the occupied boxes for complete clutches (total eggs laid). From 11 occupied boxes, a total of 54 eggs have been laid. This comes to 4.91 eggs/occupied box. I suspect a small number eggs won't hatch, so I'll maybe have 50 nestlings to band. Should be fun. 
I've also banded a few more adults, which can be seen in the following photos. I trapped the first male near his …